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What is FoxLab?

Rapid Prototyping

Ingegneria Design More!

Design and Engineering LAB


Rapid prototyping services using cutting-edge technologies, to obtain prototypes with great surface quality and excellent reproduction of details, whose characteristics are similar or identical to the final material.


Design services for Automotive, Aerospace, Rail, with skills related to the most common 3D parametric modeling software: thanks to the experience gained, we follow step by step our clients during all design phases.

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We can design and make prototypes and production series of design objects. Ceramics, plastics, steel are just a few of the materials that we are able to model. FoxLab is the Ideal partner for companies and for anyone who wants to get into the game.

FoxLab portfolio

Alcune delle nostre realizzazioni: prototipi, studi, progetti

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From Concept to Product

Starting from the definition of the fundamental elements of the product during the design phase, we proceed step by step to the realization:

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Validation of prototypes
  • Product development
  • Production

About Us

FoxLab consists of Engineers and Architects with different experiences and transferable skills.

This makes our Team versatile and effective, providing the ability to offer a wide range of services and solutions, with a more multidisciplinary approach.

  • Engineering

    Design and Engineering Services on site or at our offices: from precision engineering to architecture.

  • Architectural Design

    Architectural Design in respect of any type of building: Commercial, Residential, Education, etc..

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Rapid prototyping technologies to produce prototypes or small batch production.

  • Design

    Industrial Design where FoxLab articulates all aspects related to the functionality, ergonomics, choice of materials and usability.